Code of Conduct

The UIT board, a board consisting of six students, organises the Utrecht Introduction Time (UIT) on behalf of the Colleges of Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. The new first-year students are offered a varied programme to get to know each other, the educational institutions, student life and the city in all its facets.


With a changing society with increasing levels of openness and opportunities to share information, it is more important than ever that the culture during the UIT is in line with society’s prevailing norms and values. As a whole, the UIT takes care to ensure that all UIT1 commits feel at home with them and that their safety is guaranteed.



The organisers of the UIT together with the project leaders are ultimately responsible. On behalf of the principals, the UIT board bears ultimate responsibility for communication and enforcement of the code of conduct within the UIT programme. Responsibility for enforcement with external partners, such as catering establishments and student organisations, lies with the external partner.

This code of conduct describes the principles of the UIT committeeman and lists a set of principles for compliance. In addition, as a matter of course,

Chapter 1, with in particular Article 1, of the Constitution, applies.

2 By describing these principles, awareness is created and compliance is encouraged. Parties can call each other to account for behaviour that does not comply with what is set out in this code of conduct.


This code of conduct covers all organised programme elements from the UIT board.




Principles of this code of conduct are:

a. As a UIT commitee, you have respect for other UIT commitees and anyone otherwise involved in the UIT;

b. As a UIT committeee, you treat each other’s property and that of the UIT with respect;

c. As a UIT commitee, you will ensure that your behaviour contributes to a safe atmosphere within the UIT; part of this is respecting each other’s boundaries;

d. As a UIT commitee, you will not express verbal and physical violence, this includes (cyber)bullying and intimidation;

e. As a UIT commitee, you do not engage in sexually transgressive behaviour;

f. As a UIT committeeman, you encourage and motivate other committeemen to respect each other and act when this does not happen;

h. As a UIT committee, you comply with the UIT alcohol and drugs policy;

i. As a UIT commitee, you bear responsibility for your own actions.



The code of conduct applies to any form of contact or communication, including contact via e-mail or expressions via social channels. We encourage commits to report behaviour that violates this code of conduct. This report can be made (confidentially) to the UIT board or the UIT confidential advisor.


At the start of the UIT, each commitee receives a wristband that gives access to the UIT programme (both at the student organisations and at the locations organised by the UIT administration). The bands for under-18s have a different colour to those for participants aged 18 and above. This way it can be quickly seen whether the participant is allowed to drink alcohol or not. During the UIT, security will actively monitor compliance with the alcohol and drugs policy and the code of conduct. In case of violation, security and UIT management will consult and determine whether a sanction should be imposed.SANCTIES




Sanctions by the UIT board:

When a Committeee fails to adhere to the code of conduct, they may be subject to sanctions by the UIT board. The moment a committeeman is caught in the act by the UIT board, the entry ticket (wristband) will be cut off. This will immediately deny access to the UIT. The committeeman may engage in conversation with the UIT board the following day. If there are extenuating circumstances, the commitee may get his or her entrance ticket (wristband) back. This commitee will be put on a list. If the commitee again violates the code of conduct, the admission ticket (wristband) will be cut off and he or she will no longer be allowed to participate in the UIT.


The moment a report is received by the UIT board via a committeeman about another committeeman, the UIT board will talk to the offender. An official warning may be issued. The moment another report is received about the same committeeman, the admission ticket (wristband) will be cut off immediately.




Central Post: 06-81183553 and


OFFICE: 06-28801262 and


Confidential Advisor: