What is the UIT?​

The Utrecht Introduction Time (UIT) is the general city introduction for all prospective (master’s) students who will be studying in Utrecht and is independent of the study you will be doing. From August 12 to 15, 2024, you will be introduced to all that Utrecht has to offer. You’ll learn your way around Utrecht, get tips for starting your new studies, and most importantly, this is a week where you’ll have the chance to make friends for life. All this together with over 4,000 other prospective students and under the guidance of your mentors. The UIT is the start of your student life!

Want to know more about what to expect from the UIT? Watch the aftermovie from 2022! 

Who is the UIT for?

The UIT is for everyone who will be studying at Utrecht University, Hogeschool Utrecht, HKU, University for Humanistics, TU Kampen, Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, MBO Utrecht, Nimeto Utrecht or ROC Midden Nederland.

Would you like to help?

This year we are looking fore people to help with this unforgettable week. Would you link to work as an event manager, catering manager, committee meber, editor, DJ/band, crew or mentor?

Check out all the possibilities here!

Would you link to organise the next UIT?

Do you think that it would be great to organise the best student event of the year and gain this experience during a board year? Sign up for the information evening on 19 April or 7 May by emailing deelnemers@utrechtseintroductietijd.nl.

You can read more information avout the UIT board here!

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Watch the UIT theme reveal here