During the UIT many activities are organized by the UIT and you get to know everything Utrecht has to offer: culture, sports, associations, parties, workshops and a festival. All this with a group you will experience a great week with!

Want to know more in advance about what to expect from the UIT? Click here to watch a short video about it!

UIT 2024 takes place from August 12 to 15, 2024 and offers four days of a great program full of culture, parties, sports, associations and lots of Utrecht!

The ticket price of the UIT 2024 is €87.00 + transaction fee (price of this depends on payment method).

Your ID, ticket, lots of sense & a good mood! In addition, a bicycle is also handy and we recommend sleeping in Utrecht.

During the UIT, it is very convenient to have a bike, but also to get to your lectures in September. Therefore, we have arranged a discount promotion for you at 030 Bicycles. Click here and secure yourself a bike now at a special OFF price!

You can be busy from early morning until late at night, Utrecht always has something beautiful to offer. But this, of course, is anything but mandatory. So you determine exactly how long you are working.

View the program for a rough indication of events.

This is made visible in the app. The block schedule will also appear on our Instagram @utrechtintroductiontime and website.


Registration for UIT 2024 participants will open at 00:00 on May 22. Click here to purchase your ticket!

Registration for crew and mentors will open at 00:00 on April 15. Click here to register!

No activity is mandatory, you decide for yourself and in consultation with your UITgroup which activity you attend!

However, we do encourage you to come to the opening show and mentor registration on the Monday. This allows you to start at the same time as your group and start the UIT together.

Through the mail you will be sent your group number, this is important and remember it well. If necessary, write it down in your notes.

The goal is to assign each participant to an appropriate group. This way you can get to know fellow students. Each group will be supervised by mentors. These are senior students. You will be randomly assigned with other participants from different courses.

Types of groups:
– Standard: This is the most frequently selected option. This option is for prospective first-year students in Utrecht.
– Master: As a beginning master’s student in Utrecht, you will be assigned with other master’s students.
– International: You will join a group with other new international students. The working language here is English!

In addition, we ask about your interests, through this we try to make groups that hopefully like the same activities.

The UIT is for everyone who comes to study in Utrecht, including minors.


Coming a day or two later is always possible. Just let us know and your group will host you then. If you are on vacation during the entire UIT, however, you can still access the app. This contains all the best places in Utrecht and a short piece about most of the associations.

.The UIT is an intensive week full of program you don’t want to miss. However, the UIT organization is not responsible for finding your sleeping place. Therefore, it is important to arrange a place to sleep! So look below for the various options. Read here more info on sleeping arrangements.

Do you have a bag of stuff with you on Monday morning? Don’t worry, you can leave them at the luggage claim area at the opening show at TivoliVredenburg. Afterwards, you can pick up your bag here.

It is only possible to participate in the UIT if you will be studying at one of the participating Utrecht educational institutions. Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences are the principals for the UIT and, in addition, the HKU, University for Humanistics, Nimeto, ROC Midden Nederland, MBO Utrecht and Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht also participate. They fund part of the UIT, therefore it is only open to their own students. Therefore, if your institution is not among those listed above, unfortunately you cannot participate in the UIT.

It is definitely recommended to have a bicycle during the UIT so that you do not have to depend on Public Transportation or other participants. Several locations in Utrecht offer bicycles for sale or OV bikes for rent.

We have arranged a discount offer for you at 030 Bicycles. Click here and secure yourself a bike now for a special OUT price!

Everyone is welcome at the UIT! We feel it is important that all parts are as accessible as possible. You can indicate if you have a disability when you purchase your ticket and we will take it into account when we assign you to your group. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us by emailing deelnemers@utrechtseintroductietijd.nl.