The UIT 2023 programme has been announced! Keep an eye on our instagram @utrechtseintroductietime for more updates on ticket sales and the final programme!


Opening show 09:00-13:30

During the Opening Show, the UIT will be festively opened and you will get all the relevant information and explanations you need to get through the week. You will be assigned to one of four one-hour and 15-minute shifts. 


City introduction 12:00 – 19:00

The city introduction is the perfect way to get to know Utrecht. You will visit all the hotspots of the Dom city and meet various organisations that will help you on your way in Utrecht.


Opening party 20:00 – 01:00

The very first evening activity of the week is a smashing opening party with well-known artists. An evening full of fun and conviviality is guaranteed.